Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How do fall weddings differ from summer weddings?

People get married in the fall for a lot of reasons, it could be a sentimental one such as that was when they met, or a practical one such as that it is more affordable than getting married in the summer but warmer than it would be getting married in the winter; a compromise of sorts.  If you are planning a fall wedding you might have a few more considerations than you would for a more traditional summer wedding:

  • Weather.  Depending on where you are of course, but it is more likely to be cooler than it would be in the summer, and you should take this into account when looking at venues as well as the most appropriate clothes for the weather.

  • Light.  It will most likely get darker a bit earlier, so if you want outdoor photos you should allow plenty of daylight hours to ensure you get as many as you want.

  • Colors.  There may be les green and more falling leaves around, so you might want to consider choosing colours that look good in a fall background instead of blindly choosing a brighter colour that might look out of place.

  • Flowers.  In season flowers will always be more affordable as well as blending in better, so look at the kind of flowers readily available in the fall to get some ideas.

Fall, with it’s falling leaves and warm colors, can be a very romantic time of year to get married, and so think of the season when planning your wedding to make the most of the season.  To find more ideas of how to have the perfect fall wedding visit our site to find a wedding show near you.

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