Monday, April 29, 2013

Is It Okay to Postpone a Wedding?

If you follow celebrity wedding news, you've seen a few famous faces postponing their weddings lately. This week saw Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux joining that list, too. The couple were expected to get married next month, but are now looking at the summer because they can't agree on what sort of wedding to have.

Of course, postponements aren't just something for celebrities. Many regular couples find that the date they have set won't work for any number of reasons.

If you need to postpone your wedding, it's perfectly acceptable to do so. The more notice you can give your guests, the better, but sometimes emergencies come up that make this impossible. Before you choose to postpone your wedding, consider your reasons and whether anything can be done to keep things on track.

If it is unavoidable, though, your guests will understand. Though they might not be happy about the potential costs they'll face from changes to travel and accommodation, they will want what is best for you and your fiance.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

1920's Great Gatsby Weddings Is a 2013 Wedding Trend

The upcoming release of the new blockbuster movie, "The Great Gatsby" starring Leonardo DiCaprio has brides looking at the fab 1920's for chic inspiration.  Lace, boas, feathers and classic cars have once again become a fab wedding trend.  Black tuxedos and cream colored dresses are making their way down the runway along with classic bridal hairstyles and draping pearls.

Here are some 1920's Great Gatsby inspired 2013 wedding trends that we found on Pinterest that we absolutely loved:

Which Great Gatsby trend are you ga-ga for?  Please tell us below.  Plus, if you're looking for SoCal wedding vendors who cater to this trend, please come visit one of our upcoming bridal shows.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is Wales Set To Become The Most Popular Wedding Destination in the UK?

The Western Mail claims that Wales in 2013 will be the wedding destination hot spot of the year. The paper claims the average wedding venue has a 2-3 week longer waiting list that their English or Scottish counterparts. So what can you expect of a Welsh wedding?

Sheep, Leeks & Male Voice Choirs, well, no!

For those wanting the Fairytale wedding experience - Wales has a lot to offer. There are sixty different castles and manor houses which offer wedding venue hire. A great example of the 'fairy-tale' experience is Castell Coch. Castell Coch is a popular wedding hot spot. The castle was built in the nineteenth-century by a wealthy aristocrat. The gothic architecture is reminiscent of the fairy-tale castles of the brother's Grimm fairy-tales  The venue has a 5 month waiting list. However, their summer allocation is booked until 2016.

With such a diverse collection of varying venue sites Wales is a prime location for Weddings. The manor houses of South Wales and the many castles and manors of North Wales mean you can find the right venue for your needs. For more information visit CADW regarding the hiring of Welsh castles and palaces.

Agriculture is a big part of the Welsh economy. This is great for people planning  a wedding  with such an abundance in terms of available foodstuffs. There are a myriad of boutique farmers selling Grouse, Guinea-fowl or wild Boar work alongside traditional farms and growers. So whatever your needs the farmers and growers of Wales will be able to better help you find the right menu ingredients.

With the many different amenities and markets anyone planning a Welsh fairy-tale wedding can do no worse than think of Wales in 2013.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

British Wedding Trends for American Brides

If 2012’s weddings were anything to go by, American brides take a lot of influence from British wedding trends. However, while 2012 was a year of emulating Kate Middleton’s classic white lace style, 2013 and 2014 are going to be a shift away from it.

According to the Daily Mail, this year’s British weddings are influenced by My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. With big gowns, and over the top styles, British brides are also opting for purple as the go-to dress color. The color is also popular with celebrity brides, such as Dita Von Teese.

What’s more, this year’s British weddings are also seeing grooms pay a lot more attention to their appearance. Many are dieting before the big day, with a quarter also opting for botox to look their best. They are also investing in whiter teeth before their weddings, with as many as 90% of British grooms having a whitening process or veneers as part of their wedding preparation.

So can we expect the same trends to land on American shores over the next year? Quite possibly. More American brides are also opting away from the white dress and traditional styles influenced by the Royal Wedding for this year’s wedding season.

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