Monday, December 23, 2013

Bridal Show & David Tutera Event

18th Annual Bridal Showplace Bridal Show with Celebrity Guest David Tutera
Sunday, January 05, 2014
11 a.m. - 4 p.m.;
Aboard the Legendary Queen Mary
1126 Queens Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90802, CA 92877

Meet & Greet leading Celebrity Wedding Expert and Host of WE-TV’s My Fair Wedding “David Tutera”, as he hosts a dynamic presentation for the Brides on the latest trends and ideas for their wedding, along with Q & A’s from the audience, and Book Signing. Limited seating available. Purchase tickets to Meet & Greet David Tutera at:

Taste scrumptious cake by the preferred bakery of the Kardashians, Tori Spelling, & Christina Aguilera 'Hansen Cakes.'
At the Bridal Show you will meet over 100 of Southern CA Top Wedding Professionals offering every product and service needed to turn your wedding dreams into reality. Dazzling fashion shows, cake tastings, breathtaking displays, enjoy a spa massage and beauty makeover, listen to the Showcase of live Entertainment, learn the latest rends at the Bride & Groom 101 Seminar, Designer Gown Sale, Enter to Win $!,000s in Door Prizes including 3 luxurious honeymoons.   First 100 Brides in line will receive an Awesome Swag Bag including a 700+ page Wedding Planner & first 50 Grooms will receive a Certificate for a Las Vegas Getaway including Airfare.

Purchase your tickets for the Bridal Show at:

Limited Seating for the David Tutera Event – Don’t be left out.  Purchase your tickets now at:

Enter to Win Tickets to Meet David Tutera!  Email your name and wedding date to: (your name and wedding date).

Monday, December 16, 2013

Typical Bridal Hair Ideas You Can Use For Your Wedding

A bride’s wedding day is one of the most important events in her life. Because of this, you have to make sure that you look your very best. Apart from just choosing the dress and having a complementing look with your makeup, you have to ensure that it is well groomed and neat all the time.

Here are some of the common hairstyles that you can wear for your wedding day:

Up Do: Just as its name suggest, the Up Do is short for an up hairdo. You can wear this if you will be wearing a strapless dress. This is a great way you can show off your bare shoulders.

Tousled Bun: You can also go for a tousled bun—similar to an Up Do but has a few tousled strands. This will be great if you are interested in something different from the typical up do hairstyle.

Side Up Do: You can put your up do on one side and have a few strands of your hair fall onto your face. This will create a romantic look with your dress.

Short and Sweet: If you’re ready for a makeover, you can have your hair cut into a chic bob. This is good if you have straight hair and have never tried the hairstyle before.

Smooth Ponytail: If you want something sleek and simple, you can have your hair fixed into a smooth ponytail. This will work best with an intricately designed dress.

All Down: Your straight hair can be your best accessory during your wedding day. If you have beautiful straight hair, you can opt to let it down so you can be confident throughout the whole occasion.

When you are choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day, make sure that you choose something that will comply with your wedding dress. This is because if you wear an intricately designed dress with a hairstyle that hides it, the dress will not stand out. As such, you have to choose a hairstyle that best works for the angle you want to be photographed in.

If you still haven’t found the right dress to wear for your big day, you may want to visit one of our upcoming bridal shows. This will also let you meet new people from the wedding industry. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

What To Do With Your Wedding Dress

There are many brides who do not know what to do with their wedding dress after they have worn it. While the typical choice would be to store and reserve it for your future daughter’s wedding day, it may not be the most hygienic option. For this, you need to consider your other options:

·      Sell: Face it, you would want to get some money back on the money you spent on your dress. Especially if your dress cost a lot of money, you will really want to have it refunded. One option is to sell it privately at a discounted price. Another option is to consign your dress at a store. This might be a better option for you because there will be more people who can see and try on the dress.
·      Donate: If you really don’t need the money, you can also donate it to someone who’s in need of one. This is a great way you can feel good about yourself because you have decided to help someone who cannot afford a decent wedding dress. There are several groups that already accept wedding dress donations. You may find them online.
·      Alter: Nowadays, a large number of brides decide to have their dress altered into something they can wear on special occasions. An option is to have it altered into a cocktail dress that you can wear during parties.

There is so much you can do with your wedding dress. You may want to check out our upcoming bridal shows and look for a store that accepts wedding dress donations.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Tips for a New Year’s Eve Wedding

There’s something magical about having a New Year’s Eve wedding. It may be because of the fireworks or the naturally happy state that everyone is in, but there’s no comparing to New Year’s Eve. If you would like to get married during this time, you have to know that it requires a lot of careful preparation. Since you will be celebrating at a time when everyone else will be too, you have to make sure that your necessary wedding supplies are taken care of.

Here are some tips on how you can plan your own New Year’s Eve wedding:

·      Secure Your Venue – The very first thing you should do when you decide to have a New Year’s Eve wedding is to secure your venue. There will be a lot of other parties and events during that time so make sure that you book your venue early.
·      Send Invitations Early – When you’re having a New Year’s Eve wedding, you have to make sure that you send out your invitations as early as you can. An option is to call your friends a few months ahead so you can get a guarantee that they will remember your wedding date.
·      Time of the Party – One of the things people love about New Year’s Eve is that they can party throughout the night and no one will get mad about it. You can start your wedding and reception late so that it will also coincide with the New Year countdown.
·      Go All Out – When decorating your wedding venue, you have to make sure that you decorate it with lots of material that it will look like a real New Year’s Eve party. With this, your guests will not be sneaking out and transferring to another party across the street.
·      Go Local – When you’re planning your own New Year’s Eve wedding, make sure that you choose local suppliers to help you out. This will guarantee that your wedding will be supplied with the materials that you need.

Check out our schedule of upcoming bridal shows so you can meet wedding suppliers that can help you with your big day!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Destination Wedding: Things to Consider

When it comes to choosing a destination wedding, there are plenty of things you need to consider other than just your budget. This is why you need to be careful of planning your destination wedding. You need to see to it that your fiancé is in agreement with you on where you will be having your wedding.

If you recently got engaged and would like to have a destination wedding, here are some things to consider so you can choose your venue:

Before proceeding, make sure that you and your fiancé are able to agree to a budget and stick to it. With so many places where you can have your wedding, you need to be sure that the one you choose fits your budget.

Once you have talked about the budget, list down the possible venues that you are interested in. You may have possibly talked about the idea while you were both still dating. In order for you to make sure you have your dream destination, list down your ideas and compare notes.

Availability of Destination

The moment you have decided on a venue, see to it that you book your date already. You will need to do this at an early time so that you don’t go through any inconvenience during the later part of your wedding planning.

Availability of Suppliers

Another thing you have to be careful about is that when you are dealing with a destination wedding, you won’t have access to the suppliers of the area. This is why you will most likely work with suppliers that are amenable to providing their services in advance or can go to your destination wedding.

A good idea is to visit a bridal show where you can meet wedding planners and suppliers alike. There, you can talk about your wedding details and see if they may be able to help you. Check out our upcoming bridal show events so you can join and start meeting people!