Monday, December 24, 2012

Long Beach Show Coming Soon!

Our next Bridal Showplace Bridal Show will be at the historic Queen Mary in Long Beach on January 6. This is going to be a brilliant way to kick off 2013, and one that is a definite don’t miss event.

As the largest and longest running bridal show in the Long Beach and South Bay area, you’ll be able to get a lot of your wedding planning worked out at our event. You’ll get to meet over 100 of Southern California’s top wedding professionals, and have a chance to win lots of great door prizes.

The Queen Mary is a great place to visit, and it’s a glamorous setting for our event. While there, you’ll get the chance to watch a fantastic fashion show, take part in ask the expert sessions, and listen to some of the best wedding entertainers around. You’ll also get to taste cake and other wedding food, and even enjoy mini massage and makeover sessions.

To find out more or buy tickets, visit our main site!

Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 Winter Wedding Ideas

Even though we might not have much of a winter here in Southern California, there’s no reason it
can’t make a great wedding theme. Winter weddings can be good fun for the couple and guests

By transforming your venue into a winter wonderland, you can make it feel like a snowy fairy tale,
even if you’re only a few feet from the beach. There are plenty of ways to give a winter feel, such as
crystal icicles, snow-coated branches, or twinkling lights.

Winter weddings can also take on holiday elements. With all the joy of Christmas added to the joy
of your wedding day, you and your guests will be sure to have a great day. It can also make it easy to
figure out your decorations.

The colors of a winter wedding can vary greatly, so don’t feel like you need to use red and green.
Blue, silver, or gold are all perfect winter wedding colors.

If you want to find out more about planning a perfect winter wedding, come to one of our wedding
shows and talk to our expert vendors!

Monday, December 10, 2012

2013 Wedding Color: Emerald Green

Each year, Pantone announces its color of the year. For 2013, it’s going to be all about Emerald. This green shade is based on the gemstone of the same name, and combines a natural elegance with a stand out vibrancy.

The color of the year reflects what the international color authority sees as the biggest upcoming trend. They look at designers, artists, and the entertainment industry to see what the big color trends are going to be. The 2012 wedding color, Tangerine Tango, certainly did show up throughout the year.

For brides, the color of the year can show up in all sorts of ways. Expect to see many designers adding emerald hints to their gowns and bridesmaid dresses. It’ll also show up in bouquets, shoes, and in d├ęcor.

We think it's a great trend, and Emerald can combine with other trends, such as lace, to give a great classy, vintage style. What do you think of the color? Will it feature in your wedding design?

Come visit top notch wedding professionals who can help you with the current wedding trends at our upcoming bridal shows.  Click here for the calendar.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Are Lighted Wedding Gowns the Next Big Thing

We’re always interested in the big bridal trends, and the world’s fashion weeks are great fun to watch to see what designers are coming up with. This week was Shanghai’s Fashion Week and there were a few surprises.

Many of the gowns on show were continuations of the trends that are going to be big for 2013. Lace looks to be very much a part of the bridal trends for the next few years, and color dresses are also going to remain a hot trend.

The real surprise came in Japanese designer Yumi Katsura’s collection, though. Along with the couture designer’s colorful collection of gowns were her three light-covered designs. These dresses each had small lights as part of the dress. Two styles had colored lights over a shoulder, while the full-skirted design was covered in white lights.

What do you think of the new Yumi Katsura design? Is it something that you think will catch on as a great way for the bride to stand out, or do you think it’ll be a passing fad fit only for the runway?