Monday, December 3, 2012

Are Lighted Wedding Gowns the Next Big Thing

We’re always interested in the big bridal trends, and the world’s fashion weeks are great fun to watch to see what designers are coming up with. This week was Shanghai’s Fashion Week and there were a few surprises.

Many of the gowns on show were continuations of the trends that are going to be big for 2013. Lace looks to be very much a part of the bridal trends for the next few years, and color dresses are also going to remain a hot trend.

The real surprise came in Japanese designer Yumi Katsura’s collection, though. Along with the couture designer’s colorful collection of gowns were her three light-covered designs. These dresses each had small lights as part of the dress. Two styles had colored lights over a shoulder, while the full-skirted design was covered in white lights.

What do you think of the new Yumi Katsura design? Is it something that you think will catch on as a great way for the bride to stand out, or do you think it’ll be a passing fad fit only for the runway?


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