Monday, November 12, 2012

How To Choose A Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is a big part of your wedding day, and something that everyone looks forward to seeing and tasting.
Cake by Porto's Bakery
If you’ve never been a part of choosing a wedding cake, here are some tips to make it easier.
  • Look at plenty of photos. If you have an idea about what cakes you like, it’ll help narrow down your choices, both in terms of cakes and bakers.

  • Decide on your cake style. Knowing whether you want stacked tiers, separate tiers, a tower of cupcakes or something completely different will also help you narrow things down.

  • Consider the flavor. Go with cake types that you and your fiancĂ© like. Taste plenty of samples, too. You can have one flavor, or have each tier a different flavor.

  • Know your budget and stick to it. The more elaborate a cake, the more expensive it will be, of course. However, there are plenty of great cake styles that won’t break your budget.

  • Figure out the size. If you’re having a small wedding, you won’t need a huge cake, and vice versa.

No matter what your budget or taste, you’ll find the cake that’s right for you. One great way to get started is to meet some of the vendors at our wedding events.  Click here for our show schedule.

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