Sunday, June 2, 2013

Why Summer Weddings Are Hot

Summer is an amazing time to be in Southern California, and it might just be the season that our area is most known for. But if you're planning a wedding for summer, the season is extra special.

A summer wedding is a great choice for a lot of reasons. It's almost guaranteed you'll have sun for your wedding day, and you'll be able to have an outdoor wedding. This does come with its own set of challenges, though.

You'll need to think ahead about how you and your guests will stay cool and comfortable. This includes providing a shaded area and plenty of water. Infused water can be a beautiful way to give your guests hydration with great flavor. Cooling stations can also be a good addition, and one that your out-of-town guests will especially appreciate.

Another consideration for the summer is the extra tourism in the area. As you plan your summer wedding, make sure your guests will be able to find accommodation at the height of vacation season. You can also use this to your advantage, though, by giving your guests a taste of all Southern California has to offer as part of your wedding weekend.

Whatever you do for your summer wedding, finding great vendors is crucial. When you visit one of our upcoming bridal shows, you'll be able to meet all the vendors you'll need and have a great fun doing it!

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