Sunday, May 26, 2013

What Are Your Wedding Must Haves?

Every bride has a few things that she won't compromise on when it comes to her wedding day. Whether it's something big, like the venue, or something small, like serving drinks in Mason jars, these are her must haves.

Creating a wedding day must have list can be a big help for your planning. Whether you're doing it all yourself or working with a wedding planner, knowing the most important elements can help you prioritize everything else.

For example, if your venue is a must have, but your preferred band doesn't have any available dates in common with it, you will know which to be flexible on. This is much easier to do at the start of your planning, when you'll be less stressed about it all, than it will be as you approach the big day.

Of course, it's easy to get carried away and turn everything into a must have. Try limiting yourself to five or ten must haves, and rank these in order of importance to you. This can help your sanity and your budget.

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