Monday, April 29, 2013

Is It Okay to Postpone a Wedding?

If you follow celebrity wedding news, you've seen a few famous faces postponing their weddings lately. This week saw Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux joining that list, too. The couple were expected to get married next month, but are now looking at the summer because they can't agree on what sort of wedding to have.

Of course, postponements aren't just something for celebrities. Many regular couples find that the date they have set won't work for any number of reasons.

If you need to postpone your wedding, it's perfectly acceptable to do so. The more notice you can give your guests, the better, but sometimes emergencies come up that make this impossible. Before you choose to postpone your wedding, consider your reasons and whether anything can be done to keep things on track.

If it is unavoidable, though, your guests will understand. Though they might not be happy about the potential costs they'll face from changes to travel and accommodation, they will want what is best for you and your fiance.

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