Monday, December 9, 2013

What To Do With Your Wedding Dress

There are many brides who do not know what to do with their wedding dress after they have worn it. While the typical choice would be to store and reserve it for your future daughter’s wedding day, it may not be the most hygienic option. For this, you need to consider your other options:

·      Sell: Face it, you would want to get some money back on the money you spent on your dress. Especially if your dress cost a lot of money, you will really want to have it refunded. One option is to sell it privately at a discounted price. Another option is to consign your dress at a store. This might be a better option for you because there will be more people who can see and try on the dress.
·      Donate: If you really don’t need the money, you can also donate it to someone who’s in need of one. This is a great way you can feel good about yourself because you have decided to help someone who cannot afford a decent wedding dress. There are several groups that already accept wedding dress donations. You may find them online.
·      Alter: Nowadays, a large number of brides decide to have their dress altered into something they can wear on special occasions. An option is to have it altered into a cocktail dress that you can wear during parties.

There is so much you can do with your wedding dress. You may want to check out our upcoming bridal shows and look for a store that accepts wedding dress donations.


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